Afghanii Boottii
Plantae Afghanicae

Model Herbarium

This Herbarium presents the important ligneous plants of Afghanistan encountered in the book of M. Alam (2011). It is presented in two examples: one example will be transferred to Afghanistan and the other one will remain in the State Botanical Museum of Lausanne.

Collection is on its way inside Switzerland and neighbouring countries.

A small group from Association of Afghanii Boottii is working on this project. As usual State Botanical Museum of Lausanne remains our active partner. It facilitates our access to other botanical gardens; provides us with materials, place of work as well as a location for storage. 


A sheet from Model Herbarium : Syringa x persica L.

The photo of our Model Herbarium’s specimen of Syringa x persica (see above and in News and Views) has raised certain inquiries about the species of Syringa.  For example this comment from Charles Holetich, ancient curator of Lilac collection at Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada :

Judging by the foliage it could be Syringa afghanica, which used to be called Syringa persica during era of Linnaeus. At later date a new hybrid appeared as Syringa x persica, as cross hybrid of Syringa afghanica x laciniata, but since S. x laciniata is sterile, the latest verdict is that it is a product of Syringa afghanica x Syringa protolaciniata.
Peter S. Green, the researcher from Kew Gardens, who is the author of Syringa protolaciniata introduced its cultivar Syringa protolaciniata 'Kabul'.

It would be nice to have in the Botanic Garden(s) lilacs planted side by side of: Syringa afghanica, Syringa protolaciniata and Syringa x persica...


Another sheet from the Model Herbarium :
Quercus baloot
Griff. Collected by M. Alam in Khwaja Seyaran, 2014.












A page from the database of the Model Herbarium