Afghanii Boottii
Plantae Afghanicae
April 2017

Festival of the Nature on the 21st of May

Judas_trees_ stamp.jpg

Mella-e-Arghawan or the Juda's-tree festival
As usual, Afghanii Boottii will take part in the Festival of the Nature held in Lausanne. This year's subject is the tree of Arghawan (Juda's-tree) and its cultural significance in Afghanistan.
The detailed programm of this event can be found here : Fête de la nature

May 2016

Spring Festival on 22nd of May


During the Spring Festival which will be held at the State Botanical Museum and Garden in Lausanne, on behalf of Afghanii Boottii, Mohammad Alam will talk about the Mulberry tree and its mythical value for the people of Afghanistan.

Detailed programme of this event and how to take part will be found here :
The full programme is available on

© Photo M. Alam, Khwaja Mosafer on the way to Paghman, 2014

August 2015

Visit of Vice-President of NEPA to MJBL


Mr Wali Modaqiq, Vice-President of NEPA (National Environmental Protection Agency), during his recent visit to Switzerland, was invited to the State Botanical Museum and Garden in Lausanne. He has been received by the Director of the Institute, Dr François Felber, and Dr Christophe Randin, Curator of the Museum. Mohammad Alam, who organised the meeting, was also present. The future relationship between the two institutes concerning the future study of Flora of Afghanistan has been discussed.

From left to right : Dr Ch. Randin, Mr Wali Modaqiq, Dr M. Alam and Dr F. Felber