Afghanii Boottii
Plantae Afghanicae
November 2013

Syringa afghanica C.K. Schneider

News_Plant_Syringa afghanica .jpg

Small shrubs, shoots short, lenticellate, spreading widely.
Leaf 1-3 x 0.2-1.3 cm, subcoriacous, elliptic or linear, lanceolate, entire (?).
Inflorescence 2 - 4 cm long.
Corolla lilac colour, tube 1 cm long, lobes 2.5 - 3 mm long.
Capsule 14 mm long, acuminate.

Distribution : Nuristan and Kurram Valley.

During our study of Afghan Plants, which is based on literature and herbarium materials, we have found that different authors have different description of the species. Further study of this species is necessary.

Photo : Denis Corminboeuf 2010